Education Grants Available
For Moody and Vobis Family Members

An educational trust created by Charles Philip Moody, known as Uncle Philip, to help lessen the burden of educational costs for Moody and Vobis family members for generations to come.

Uncle Philip established the Charles Philip Moody Educational Trust for the direct descendants of Mary Gould Moody, his mother, and Roxy Middlemas Vobis, the mother of Philip’s wife Josephine (Aunt Phinie.) His mission, imparted to the Trustees, was to ensure that descendants could receive an education despite financial difficulties. 

The Trust lessens the burden on families and students. As examples, the Trust’s assistance has helped adults become certified in a new career, paid for a year of post graduate education, and assisted with each year of a student’s college.

The whole toolset is here for students to use, just follow these simple steps:

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Our Mission

This Trust exists to provide funds to help lessen the burden of educational costs on qualified Moody and Vobis family members.

The web site, these rules, all of it, are dedicated to that effort.
Thank you for your interest in, a program of the Charles Philip Moody Educational Trust Fund.

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